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MTC Motorcycles was founded in the early eighties by Mark Johnstone. The business started in a small garage in Caversham near Reading specialising in motorcycle engine tuning primarily on large Kawasaki fours, hence the MTC name (Motorcycle Tuning Centre). Through hard work, enthusiasm and attention to detail Mark soon built up a large and loyal customer base and soon outgrew the small garage.

Service and great deals take MTC Motorcycles from strength to strength

From Caversham MTC moved to William Street in Reading but within a year outgrew these premises too. Now starting to offer a comprehensive range of motorcycle services such as fabrication, servicing and accident repairs etc. Mark moved to Hemdean Road where he opened his first real shop. Sales of spares took off in a big way when a next day delivery service was introduced and so in 1987 MTC moved to yet larger premises on Reading's Oxford Road where they have been ever since. Employing a staff of six and now with three shops MTC can offer virtually every service and part for most motorcycles. Spares are still ordered on a daily basis from an ever increasing bank of reliable wholesalers, manufacturers and suppliers.