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MTC Motorcycles - MOT Test Centre for Brimpton

If your bike was registered three years ago today, you can stop singing 'happy birthday to you' now and get on the phone to organise its first MOT. There is nothing to stop you folding up the new certificate in a birthday card if you are feeling sentimental, the important thing is to get one. Call us on the number shown above to arrange an appointment.

Our VOSA licenced testers pride themselves on doing a thorough job. That way, you know that your bike is going to be properly checked over and compliant with the latest regulations when it leaves our workshop.

After all, you take a lot on trust when your bike goes in for its annual test. Of course, everybody wants their bike to pass the test, but on balance, we believe that most people welcome a thorough approach to MOT testing for the sake of their own peace of mind.

Having said that, a lot of the bikes that we do fail don't need to fail at all. Read our tips topic to see how you can make it easier on yourself and us, saving yourself the trouble of a return trip over something minor and easily spotted.

Simple checks you can do yourself
Get to know your bike. Detail test requirements differ slightly with the age of the machine, so it pays to read up on what exactly affects you and what does not. Here are a couple of examples.

If your bike was made before 1983, the regulations differ slightly. For example, items such as indicators are optional but if fitted, must work.
If your bike is registered before 1985 it needs only one stop lamp. If you are in doubt about whether your bike is fit for the test, a quick phone call can often bring you up to date.

This gives you time to make sure that the relevant items are fitted and working, and saves us the time and trouble of failing your bike. If in doubt - ask us.
Things to check before your test

Avoiding MOT failure saves everyone involved time and trouble. While there are no guarantees of success, there is a lot you can do to make sure your bike is not one of the many 'should have passed' candidates. A few simple checks can be carried out in minutes and can save you hours. For example:

  • Make sure all the lights work
  • Is the headlamp alignment and beam pattern OK?
  • Have you checked your tyres?
  • Does the horn work?
  • Is your exhaust stamped not for road use ?
  • Has your number plate a two tier layout ?
  • What?s the chain adjustment like?
  • Are your footrests secure?
  • Is your seat correctly fitted?

These items can be checked by just about all owners at any time - prevention is better than cure.

Daytime Only MOT
In certain cases, bikes not fitted with lights can be issued an MOT certificate permitting their use on the road during the hours of daylight only. Trail bikes, specials and vintage machines can all benefit from this type of test.

What you need to do is let us know in advance of the test that the machine is intended only for use in the hours of daylight. Then, providing the rest of the machine meets current standards, we will issue a certificate with an advisory notice stamped 'daylight use only'.
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